Breastfeeding Consultation

Lactation Consultation

We customize and suggest holistic breastfeeding solutions to different mothers and babies depending on their conditions.

We should realise that every woman is unique, thus there is no one solution to solve all mothers breastfeeding difficulties.

Knowing your own conditions help to identify a suitable solution for yourself.

Breastfeeding shouldn’t be painful - don’t go through the tough way.

Our lactation consultation services specialised in but not limit to:

  • Plugged duct, engorgement, mastitis and breast abscess.
  • Low milk supply and over supply.
  • Milk blister, crack/sore nipples and sensitive nipples.
  • Flat nipples, inverted nipples, and large nipples.
  • Bacteria and fungal infection.
  • Slow milk ejection.
  • Baby’s position and attachment.
  • Baby’s growth and development assessment.
  • Ante-natal breast assessment and breastfeeding plan preparation.
  • Re-lactation and inducted lactation.
  • Other breastfeeding related issues.


Consultation fee:

@ Breastfeeding Solution Centre -

$45 for 30 minutes, subsequent 30 minutes $45


Hospital/Home Visit -

$130/hr, subsequent 30 minutes $65

FREE Breastfeeding Support

We are providing FREE breastfeeding support through whatsapp to all our patients who had gone through one or more lactation consultation sessions with our lactation consultant.

You can now ask your lactation consultation any questions related to breastfeeding, as she knows your condition better than other mothers on mother support group. She will guide you through the whole breastfeeding period until you stop breastfeed, to ensure you have an enjoyable breastfeeding experience.

free breastfeeding support
baby scale hire or rent

Breastfeeding Equipment Hire

Breastfeeding is the best for your baby, and breast milk should be the only food for your baby upto 6 months. You would always try your best to breastfeed baby as frequent as possible.

However, you are not sure whether you really need a breast pump for long term. Consider renting a hospital grade breast pump at as low as $25/week. If you don't have any breastshields that match the breast pump, you need to purchase single breast shield set at $20.

Are you worrying baby didn't get much from breasts? Hire a baby scale from us at just $20/week to check your baby's weight anytime while waiting for checkup with doctors.


Breast Pump Testing

Many mothers just purchase a breast pump without testing and knowing the correct size of breast shields and even the correct usage of the breast pump. You might eventually spend more to buy another breast pump if you find the breast pump that you bought is not really doing its job.

To help you save money, we offer breast pump testing service at our centre, guidance on the usage of the breast pump and suggest on the correct size of breast shields at only $20.

Breast pump testing