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Our Approach

Our Approach

Breastfeeding is both scientific and emotional where mother and baby has different needs and requirements to be fulfilled.

The concept of mother and baby is just like the key and the lock, it might not match at the beginning, but we will try to shape the key to match the lock eventually.

We customize and engage holistic breastfeeding solutions to mothers and babies individually. There is no "ONE MAGICAL" solution for everyone because each of you are unique!

Our Story

Our Story

Breastfeeding Solution is established by Michelle Law, IBCLC to provide the best solution to breastfeeding mothers.

The tough start of breastfeeding her first baby boy made her realised breastfeeding is not indeed easy for mothers.

Education, support, determination, mental and physical preparation are crucial to succeed in breastfeeding.

Her passion in breastfeeding had gain her experience in breastfeeding her first son upto 5 years and second son upto 3 years. She had supported more than 10,000 mothers at private hospital and private practise for so many years.

In year 2015, her breastfeeding centre in Malaysia had proudly been awarded as Best Breastfeeding Support Centre by Ministry of Health Malaysia for her commitment and passion to protect, promote and support breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding Solution is her second breastfeeding support centre to support and provide breastfeeding solutions to mothers at Sydney.

She will always be here to share breastfeeding information with you and assist you to reduce your pains, solve breastfeeding issues according to your conditions.